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James Guthrie

MSE, Georgia Tech

Synthesis of Novel Core-Shell Catalyst Structures and the Characterization of their Interaction with Adsorbates

Prof. Faisal Alamgir, (MSE)

Ekaterina Starostina

MSE, Carnegie Mellon

Solid Oxide fuel Cell Sealant Materials – Processing and Characterization

Prof. Hamid Garmestani (MSE)

Jenna Campbell

Physics, Georgia Tech

Nanostructures and Porous Silicon: Activity at Interfaces in Sensors and Photocatalytic Reactors

Prof. Jim Gole (Physics)

Keith Jones

BME, Georgia Tech

Bioassisted Design of Encapsulated Inorganic Nanoparticles

Prof. Vladmir Tsukruk (MSE)

Joel Weber

ME, Georgia Tech

Nano-Scale Piezoelectric Powders and Actuators

Prof. Nazanin Bassiri –Gharb (ME/MSE)

Alex Weller

BME, Alfred Univ

In-situ X-ray Characterization of Nanowires

Prof. Robert Snyder (MSE)

Lawrence Chen

Eng/Chem, Vanderbilt Univ

Processing and Characterization of Polyphenylene Nanocomposites

Prof. Meisha Shofner (TPFE/MSE)

Janessa Rowland

Chemistry/Env; Spellman Coll

Shock Compaction of Magnetic Materials

Prof. Naresh Thadhani (MSE/ME)

Jeremy Moskowitz

Engineering, Cornell Univ

High Performance Anistropic Conductive Adhesives for Lead-free Interconnects

Prof. C. P. Wong (MSE)

Kirsten Mimberg

Chemistry, Brooklyn Coll

Stabilizing DNA Duplexes for Biomaterial Applications

Prof. Valeria Milam (MSE)

Nathan Hankins

Engineering, Vanderbilt Univ

Materials for Organic Electronics and Photonics

Prof. Seth Marder(Chemistry/MSE)

Maeling Tapp

MSE, Univ of Maryland

IREP-Brazil: Energetic and Structural Characterization of Polymer-Surfactant Complexes

Prof. Valeria Milam (MSE) Prof. Watson Loh (Brazil)

Graham Sanborn

Chemistry, Spring Hill Coll

Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic Applications

Dr. Jud Ready (GTRI)

Karem Martinez

Elec Eng, Univ of Puerto Rico

Nano Light Emitters for Gamma Ray Detectors

Prof. Chris Summers (MSE) & Dr. Brent Wagner (GTRI)

Jarret Grout

MSE, New Mexico Tech

Nanomaterials for Carbon Monofluoride (Li/CFx) Primary Battery

Prof. Gleb Yushin (MSE)

Viktor Uriate

ME, Florida Inter. Univ

Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Thiolene:acrylate Networks

Prof. Ken Gall (MSE)

Mathew Schaikewitz

Chemistry, Yeshiva Univ

High Temperature Fatigue of Directionally-Solidified Ni-base Superalloy

Prof. Rick Neu (ME/MSE)

Steven Brown

MSE, Univ of Minnesota

MOCVD Growth and Characterization of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Room Temperature Ferromagnetism

Prof. Ian Ferguson (ECE/MSE)

Joshua Basilo

MSE, Georgia TEch

Selective Corrosion Susceptibility of Austenitic and Ferritic Phases of Duplex Stainless Steels

Prof. Preet Singh (MSE)