Undecided Major

There are two courses that Materials Science and Engineering offers that are of particular interest to undecided engineering majors.

The first, MSE 1111, Introduction to MSE is a one-credit introduction to engineering class providing information about the various Materials Science and Engineering curricula.  This course is taught both fall and spring.

The second class, MSE 2001, Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials, is also of interest to undecided engineering majors.  Taking this course as a sophomore will help you understand what topics a materials engineer deals with, and whether a major in Materials Science and Engineering may be for you.  This course is part of the required curriculum for Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Textile and Fiber Engineering. It also serves as an Engineering elective for Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and as an approved elective for Computer Engineering.  Its prerequisite course is CHEM 1310 or CHEM 1211K, so it can easily be taken in the freshman or sophomore year.  This course is offered every semester at multiple times, including summer. 

MSE 1111 (0-3-1) - Introduction to MSE
A general introduction to the field of Materials Science and Engineering and the MSE curriculum at Georgia Tech.

MSE 2001 (3-0-3) Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials
The structure-property-processing-performance relationships of engineering materials are described. Materials selection is treated as a part of engineering design.

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