MSE Faculty Participate in Hispanic Heritage Month Mini-World Cup

A very short version of FIFA’s World Cup took place at the Georgia Tech campus on Saturday, September 20, 2014. As part of a series of events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) on campus, Tech’s Hispanic/Latino student organizations and the Office of Hispanic Initiatives organized the first Mini-World Cup at Georgia Tech. HHM events at Georgia Tech recognize the economic, cultural and social contributions and achievements of Latinos in the U.S. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and while it is not “officially” a Hispanic or Latino sport, it is by far the favorite sport in Latin America and Spain. This was reflected by the fact that half of the teams in this year’s 5-hour tournament represented Latin American countries and Spain.

During the Mini-World Cup, over 110 students and several faculty and staff of different ethnicities displayed their commitment to teamwork and love for soccer by participating in this friendly competition, which included the participation of 16 teams that represented different countries from around the world. Most games lasted 20 minutes, except a few that went into penalties and the final, which lasted 30 minutes. Several teams were eliminated after the third round of games, including the only faculty/staff team in the tournament. This team was made up of faculty and staff from Tech’s HOLA Employee Resource Group, MSE, Chemistry, GTRI and the Parking Office. MSE was well represented by Drs. Faisal Alamgir (team captain), Rosario Gerhardt, Mark Losego and Oleksandr (Sasha) Magazynskyy.

The 2014 Mini-World Cup champion was the team representing Japan and the second place was the team representing Colombia. Both teams received trophies and each player on those teams received a medal.

Due to the great success of this first Mini-World Cup, it will be offered annually as part of future Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations on campus. Word has it that this year’s faculty/staff team is planning to start training soon to be ready for next fall’s tournament.

Hispanic Heritage Month 2014 was sponsored by: Office of Institute Diversity, Office of Student Diversity Programs, and Office of Hispanic Initiatives.