MSE Seminar - Professor Pulickel Ajayan - Rice University

MSE Seminar
Event Date:
Monday, March 10, 2014 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
ES&T L1255 Auditorium

Title: Engineering of Nanostructures – 1D, 2D and 3D Architectures

The talk will discuss our recent efforts in engineering nanostructured  materials from building blocks that range in size, dimensionality and  properties. The idea of engineering nanostructures to build functional  materials captures the essence of nanotechnology and the challenges  and opportunities in this area will be discussed. One dimensional  nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes and the emerging  two-dimensional atomic layers as novel building blocks will be  considered. The creation of three-dimensional architectures from  nanoscale building blocks will lead to new opportunities and the  challenges involved in this approach will be highlighted. The talk  will focus on engineered nanomaterials as a platform for several applications that include nanocomposites, energy storage, low  dimensional devices etc.

Bio sketch: Dr. Ajayan is the Benjamin M. and Mary Greenwood Anderson Professor of Engineering at Rice Univeristy. He is the founding chair of RiceUniversity’s Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering. Dr. Ajayan also holds adjunct appointments as Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineeing. He earned his B. Tech in metallurgical engineering from BanarasHinduUniversity in 1985 and Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from NorthwesternUniversity in 1989.

Professor Ajayan has nearly 20 years of record in the development of nanomaterials for various applications. He has been a pioneer in the research and development of carbon nanotubes and has contributed to this field greatly. He is an experimentalist and has also contributed to research areas of graphene, 2D layered materials, nanocomposites, electrical interconnects, nanostructured materials in energy storage and conversion and energetic materials. He has a strong record in materials characterization, microscopy and spectroscopy.

Professor Ajayan has given nearly 350 invited talks and has published 530 journal papers with over 38,000 citations and an H-Index of 89. He has received numerous awards including the Helmoltz-Humboldt Senior Award (2007), Pan-IIT Academic Excellence Award (2013), and Docteur Honoris Causa Université Catholique de Louvain (2014). 

Hosts: Eric Vogel & Karl Jacob