MSE Student Groups

MSE Undergraduate Student Advisory Council

The MSE Undergraduate Student Advisory Council is a student group that represents the MSE undergraduate student body while promoting intra-department involvement.

  • Meet periodically with MSE faculty/administration (give feedback to improve our program/school, and help achieve ABET Student Outcomes and Program Educational Objectives)
  • Advocate on behalf of MSE to prospective students (undergraduate recruitment) as well as within the school to its student body
  • Liaise between the current MSE student body and the MSE faculty/administration
  • Represent the MSE student body to our school’s External Advisory Board
  • Serve the student body by offering peers with advice, finding undergraduate research, networking, etc.

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back row (L-R): Alex Ruschau, Eric Dancu, Robert Kiblinger; front row (L-R): Chris Lo, Natalie Lindsey, Julie Luong, Kay Adams [not pictured: Anthony Esteves and Carlos Tiongco]

MSE Student Professional Society Chapters @ GT

Material Advantage


President:  Amidat Sonekan (, Vice-President:  Keshav Swarup ( ), Secretary:  Philip Anschutz ( ),  Treasurer:  Hirsh Patel (, Industry:  Ryan Dwyer (, Research:  Heyinn Rho (, Recruitment:  Jordan Lightstone (

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Preet Singh (

Material Advantage is comprised of undergraduate students of the Materials Science & Engineering School consisting of four materials professional societies (ASM, TMS, ACerS, and AIST).  Material Advantage combines academic, industry networking, outreach, and social activities to bring together the student body.  The purpose of Material Advantage at GT is to broaden and enhance interdisciplinary scientific knowledge and collaboration between its members and professionals in the greater-Atlanta area.  Dues are $30/year.  Visit or for more information.

The Society of Plastics Engineers

Website:  n/a

President/point-of-contact:  Chris Oberste (   

Faculty advisor:  Dr. Donggang Yao (

The Society of Plastics Engineers provides undergraduate and graduate students at GT with an opportunity to participate in a professional society which provides and promotes scientific and engineering knowledge related to polymers.  Participation in the society provides students with an opportunity to learn more about the polymer industry through guest speakers and plant tours, networking opportunities for internships or full-time opportunities, and to meet students with similar interests.

Phi Psi Textile Fraternity – Theta Chapter


President:  Tyler Rice (; Co-VPs:  Kyle Edmunds ( and Dillan Cothran (

Faculty advisor:  Dr. Mark Losego (

Phi Psi has been a student group at GT since 1925.  We are a national professional textile fraternity, but our focus extends much further than the textile field to include polymers, fibers and other material-related fields.  Our chapter activities include hosting speakers and professional events, participating in service projects and planning social events for members.  We also store MSE books and files in our closet and Google Drive that are available to all members.  We are also an honors fraternity.  The only requirements to join is that you be a student working towards a BS in MSE or minor in MSE, ISyE or ChemE, and that you have a GPA of 2.5.  Dues are $35/semester with a pledge due of $30 for the first year.

The Electrochemical Society


Secretary and Point-of-contact:  Enbo Zhao (    

We are a group of students and faculty who share an interest in the field of electrochemistry, including batteries, fuel cells, and corrosion.  Many of our members come from the electrochemistry research labs on campus, but we welcome students of all levels who are interested in our field.  We are dedicated to improving our members' understanding of electrochemistry by organizing research seminars, lectures, and demonstrations with invited guests from academia and industry.  We also host social gatherings to meet other students and faculty, to share knowledge, and to discuss electrochemistry.

Professional Societies and Organizations

ACerS (American Ceramic Society) and Keramos (National Professional Ceramic Engineering Fraternity)


AIST (Association for Iron & Steel Technology)


ASM (American Society for Metals)


ECS (The Electrochemical Society)


MRS (Materials Research Society)


SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers)


TMS (The Minerals Metals and Materials Society)


For additional information on the MSE Undergraduate Program contact:
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FAX: 404-894-9140
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