Recent Graduate Student Thesis Titles

Student Name Grad Term Dept Advisor Degree Major

Dissertation Title

Colling, Tyler James Summer 2017 MSE Ready MSMSE MSE Chip Scale Carbon Nanotube Supercapacitors with Ionic Liquid Electrolytes
Dickson, Judith Marie Summer 2017 MSE Sanders DR MSE Development and Control of Srength Anisotropy and Crystallographic Texture During Extrusion of Aluminum 2195 and 7075
Ding, Jillai Summer 2017 MSE Bassiri-Garb DR MSE Probing Complex Ionic Dynamics on the Nanoscale via Energy Discovery Platforms
Geldmeier, Jeffrey Allen Summer 2017 MSE Tsukruk DR MSE Design of Multicomponent Nanostructured Surfaces with Tailored Optical Properties
Gomburg, Joshua Aaron Summer 2017 MSE Kalidindi DR MSE Date-Driven PSP Linkages for Atomistic Datasets
Holguin, Stefany Yvette Summer 2017 MSE Thadhani/Prausnitz DR MSE Physical Mechanisms of Laser-Activated Nanoparticles for Intracellular Drug Delivery
Noh, Jung Hyun Summer 2017 MSE Bredas/Jang DR MSE First-Principles Theoretical Characterization of the Electronic Structure of Iron and Iron Oxide Surfaces and their Interfaces with Organic Layers
Oberste, Christopher Marc Summer 2017 MSE Ben Wang DR MSE Design, Modeling and Fabrication of Interlaced Thermoplastic Composites by Additive Manufacturing
Scripka, David Anthony Summer 2017 MSE Thadhani MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Tuan, Chia-Chi Summer 2017 MSE Wong DR MSE Functional Polymer Composite Encapsulants for Electronic Packaging
Ding, Jilai Summer 2017 MSE Bassiri-Gharb MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Huang, Jiaxin Summer 2017 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE BS/MS non-thesis
Huang, Ting-Chia Summer 2017 MSE Tummala DR MSE Modeling, Design and Demonstration of Ultra-Short, Fine-pitch Solder-based Interconnection Systems with High- Thoroughput Assembly
Jayaram, Vidya Spring 2017 MSE Tummala MSMSE MSE MOdeling, Design and Demonstration of Large 2.5D Glass BGA Packages for Balanced Chip- and Board-level Reliability
Kim, Sookyung Spring 2017 MSE Garmestani DR MSE Hybrid Computational Modeling of Thermomagnetic Material System
Lee, Gyuhyon Spring 2017 MSE Summers/Kan g DR MSE Design and Fabrication of Multilayer Structures in Dynamic Sensing and Transparent Nanocomposite Scintillators for High Energy Light Detection
Liu, Hsiang-Hao Spring 2017 MSE Kumar DR MSE Gel Spun Polycrylonitrile Based Carbon Fibers Containing Lignin and Carbon Nanotubes
Malak, Sidney Thomas Spring 2017 MSE Tsukruk DR MSE Controlling Light-matter Interactions using Local- Assemblies and Large-Scale Arrangements of Plasmonic and Quantum-Confined Nanoparticles
Siegel, Katherine Jane Y ae Spring 2017 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE BS/MS non-thesis
Smith, Matthew Kirby Spring 2017 MSE Cola DR MSE Thermal Transport in P3HT Nanostructures and Nanocomposites
Su, Yu-Yun Spring 2017 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE BS/MS non-thesis
Zhang, Wenke Spring 2017 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE BS/MS non-thesis
Nayani, Karthik Spring 2017 MSE Srinivasarao DR PTFE The Role of Surface-Like Elastic Constants in the Phenomenology of Confined Nematics
Benson, James Melvin Fall 2016 MSE Yushin DR MSE 1D Nanostructures for Energy Storage Applications
Diaz, Rene Orlando Fall 2016 MSE Thadhani DR MSE Dynamic Deformation of Titanium-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Composites
Jiang, Beibei Fall 2016 MSE Z. Lin DR MSE Polymer-Templated Functional Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites for Lithium Ion Batteries, Capacitors, and Ferroelectric Devices
Jin, Youngho Fall 2016 MSE Gerhadt DR MSE Composite Containing Percolated Networks and/or Core-shell Structures Useful for Microsystems Applications
Joiner, Corey Alexander Fall 2016 MSE Vogel DR MSE Impact of Materials Disorder on Graphene Heterostructure Devices
Nitta, Naoki Fall 2016 MSE Yushin DR MSE Interfaces, Interphases and Other Material Interactions in Li-Ion Batteries
Zhang, Shuchen Fall 2016 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Fang, Xudong Summer 2016 MSE Yao DR MSE Oligomer-Polymer Gel Spinning of High Performance Fibers
Li, Liyi Summer 2016 MSE Wong DR MSE Uniform High Aspect Ratio 3D Micro and Nanomanufacturing on Silicon by (Electro)-metal assisted Chemical etching: Fundamentals and Applications
Shapero, Taylor McLachlan Summer 2016 MSE Sandhage DR MSE Shape Preserving Conversion Reaction of Alumina Structures using Metal Halides: Structure, Kinetics, and Applications
Vitale, Adam James Summer 2016 MSE Alamgir DR MSE Near Surfance Evaluation of Structural Electronic and Chemical Properties of Tempalted PT Monolayers
Falath, Wail Sulaiman Summer 2016 MSE Jacob DR PTFE Synthesis, Modification, and Characterization of Economical High Performance Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Chakraborti, Parthasarathi Spring 2016 MSE Tummala DR MSE Nanoscale Electrode and Dielectric Materials, Processes, and Interfaces to Form Thinfilm Ta Capacitors for High- Frequency Applications
Chen, Jun Spring 2016 MSE ZL Wang DR MSE Triboelectric Nanogenerators
Ellis, Noah Ari Spring 2016 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE Impact of nanoscale Dimensions on Filament Formation in TiN/HFT.Ox/Tin-Based RRAM
Evans, Nathan Timothy Spring 2016 MSE Gall DR MSE Processing Structure Property Relationships of Surface Porous Polymers for Orthopaedic Applications
Goulding, Ashley Nelson Spring 2016 MSE Neu DR MSE Materials Degisn Tools for High Strength, Corrosion, Resistant Aluminum Alloys
Hauser, Christopher Ryan Spring 2016 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE
Hu, Kesong Spring 2016 MSE Tsukruk DR MSE Ultra Robust Graphene Based Bio-Nanocomposites and their Electronic Applications
Lamb, Justin Dale Spring 2016 MSE Sanders DR MSE Decomposition and its Effects on Mechanical Properties in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys
Liao, Virginia Spring 2016 MSE Wagner/McGrath MSMSE MSE
Mutnick, David Brian Spring 2016 MSE Thadhani MSMSE MSE
Niu, Simiao Spring 2016 MSE ZL Wang DR MSE Theor of Triboelectric Nanogenerators
Parratt, Kirsten Helen Spring 2016 MSE K. Roy MSMSE MSE
Rainwater, Ben Harris Spring 2016 MSE Liu DR MSE Exploring Interfacial and Nanoscale Electrical Effects in Solid State Ionic Conductors for Application in Low Temperature Solide Oxide Fuel Cells and Solid State Batteries
Shaikh, Haseeb Spring 2016 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE
Singh, Bhupender Spring 2016 MSE Tummala MSMSE MSE Modeling, Design, Fabrication and Reliability Characterization of Ultra-Thin Glass BGA Package-to-Board Interconnections
Tighe, Sean Michael Spring 2016 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE
Vis, William Arthur Spring 2016 MSE Tummala MSMSE MSE Polymer Materials, Processes, and Structures for Optical Turning in 3D Glass Photonic Interposers
Waller, Gordon Henry Spring 2016 MSE Liu DR MSE Investigation into the Surface Chemistry of Passivated Carbon Fiber LiM2O4 Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries
Young, Seth Lawton Spring 2016 MSE Tsukruk DR MSE Micromechanical Properties of Biological Mechanosensory Systems in Wandering Spiders
Yu, Ruomeng Spring 2016 MSE ZL Wang DR MSE Piezotronics/Piezo-phototronics: Devices and Applications
Zhang, Chuchu Spring 2016 MSE Lin MSMSE MSE Flow Enabled Self-Assembly of Polymers
Breidenich, Jennifer Lynn Fall 2015 MSE Thadhani DR MSE The Impact-Initiated Combustion of Aluminum
Brooke, Philip Davis Fall 2015 MSE Sandhage DR MSE Modification and Replication of Intricate 3D Structures of with Thin Films Compressed of Complex Oxides
Daloz, William Laurent Fall 2015 MSE Cochran DR MSE Developing a High Temperature Oxidation Resistant Molybdenum-Silica Composite
Gonzales, Manny Fall 2015 MSE Thadhani DR MSE The Mechanochemistry in Heterogeneous Reactive Powder Mixtures under High-Strain Rate Loading and Shock Compression
Kannan, Abhiram Soundararajan Fall 2015 MSE Bucknall DR MSE Structure-Property Relationships in Polyethelene Blown Films
Lai, Samson Yuxiu Fall 2015 MSE Liu DR MSE Perspectives on Degradation in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells using Xray Spectroscopies and Scattering
Marshall, Peter Edward Fall 2015 MSE Cochran DR MSE Development of Oxidaqtion Resistant Molybdenum-Silica Boron Composites
Mishra, Dibyajat Fall 2015 MSE Gokhale DR MSE Modeling Design Fabrication and Demonstration of Multilayered Ferromagnetic-Polymer Dielectric Composites for Ultra-Thin High Density Power Inductors
Pradel, Ken Charles Fall 2015 MSE Wang DR MSE Antimony Doped p-Type Zinc Oxide for Piezotronics and Optoelectronics
Sullivan, Erin Marie/td> Fall 2015 MSE Wang DR MSE Understanding the Process Structure Property Relationship in Biodegradable Polymer Nanocomposite Films
Verma, Prateek Fall 2015 MSE Shofner DR MSE Auxetic Behavior in Some Fiber Network Structures
Vitale, Bryan Fall 2015 MSE Speyer DR MSE nSynthesis of Highly Dense Ytterbium-Doped Lutetium and Undoped Yttrium Oxide for High Powered Lasing Applications
Xu, Weinan Fall 2015 MSE Tsukruk MSMSE DR Star Polymer Based Responsive Micro and Nano structures Through Interfacial Assembly
Rodrigues, Sean Phillip Fall 2015 MSE n/a MSMSE MSE Enhancing Chrioptical Signals from Metamaterials via Nonlinear Excitation
Xu, Jiawei Fall 2015 MSE n/a BS/MS MSE non-thesis
Yoo, Hanjong Fall 2015 MSE Jang MSMSE MSE Multi-Scale Modeling Study of poly(3-hexylthiophene) and [6,6]-phenyl-C61 butryic acid Methyl Ester Using Coarse Grained Force Field Derived from DFR Based Atomistic Force Field
Deb, Nabankur Fall 2015 PTFE Bucknall DR PTFE Morphological Studies in Organic Polymer Fullerene Blends
Harper, Richard Eugene Fall 2015 PTFE Cook DR PTFE Development of Novel Synthetic Turf Infill Materials
Brooke, Philip Davis Summer 2015 MSE Sandhage MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Dickson, Judith Marie Summer 2015 MSE Sanders MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Gu, Wentian Summer 2015 MSE Yushin DR MSE Application of Highly Porous Carbon of Electromechanical Energy Storage Devices
Hong, Yifeng Summer 2015 MSE Yao DR MSE Processing of Expandable Thermoplastic/Thermoset Syntactic Foam
Lin, Long Summer 2015 MSE Wang DR MSE Nanogenerators for Mechanical Energy Harvesting and Self-Powered Sensor Networks
Saxena, Shalini Summer 2015 MSE Lyon DR MSE Development and Characterization of Tunable Hydrogel Nanoparticle Assemblies
Tallman, Aaron Ellis Summer 2015 MSE McDowell MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Wang, Yushu Summer 2015 MSE Singh DR MSE Effect of Thiosulfate on Passivity and Corrosion Properties of Stainless Steels
Wen, Xiaonan Summer 2015 MSE Wang DR MSE Piezotronics as an Electromechanical Interfacing Technology for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications
Dong, Xin Summer 2015 PTFE Jacob DR PTFE Dependence of Mechanical Properties of Partially Oriented Polymeric Systems on Chemical Structure and Molecular Architecture
Wyatt, Tom Pieter Summer 2015 PTFE Yao DR PTFE Oligomer Spin-Solvent Gel-Fiber Spinning
Bryant, Alex Winfield Spring 2015 MSE Thadhani MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Feirer, Janine Evelyn Spring 2015 MSE n/a MSMSE (BS/MS) MSE non-thesis
Feng, Chaowei Spring 2015 MSE Z.Lin DR MSE Rational Design and Synthesis of Functional Polymers with Complex Architectures by Living/Controlled Polymerization
Godha, Anshul Spring 2015 MSE Gokhale DR MSE Microstructural Effects on the Fatigue Damage Evolution in Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels
Goodwin, William Brandon Spring 2015 MSE Sandhage DR MSE Controlled Modulation of Short-and Long-Range Adhesion of Microscale Biogenic Replicas
Gordin, Ari S Spring 2015 MSE Sandhage MS MSE non-thesis
Li, Bo Spring 2015 MSE Z. Lin DR MSE Crafting Ordered Structures of Nanomaterial via Flow-Enabled Self-Assembly and Controled Evaporative Self-Assembly
Gordon, Daniel Aaron Spring 2015 MSE Yushin MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Jung, Jaehan Spring 2015 MSE Z.Lin DR MSE Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites for Renewable Energy Conversion Devices
Holguin, Stefany Yvette Spring 2015 MSE Thadhani/Prausnitz MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Meree, Caitlin Elizabeth Spring 2015 MSE Shofner DR MSE Water Based Processing Strategy for Cellulose Nanocrystal/Polymer Nanocomposites
Russell, Michael James Spring 2015 MSE Tsukruk MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Murphy, Maeling Janelle Nicole Spring 2015 MSE Milam DR MSE Competition-Induced Selection of Ligands for the Screening of DNA Aptamers for Gold Substrates
Qin, Xian Spring 2015 MSE Tummala DR MSE Compliant Copper Microwire Arrays for Reliable Interconnections between Large Low CTE Packages and Printed Wiring Board
Satin, Morris Mandel Spring 2015 MSE Speyer MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Sood, Praveen Spring 2015 MSE Jang MSMSE MSE Development and Validation of Dissipative Particle Dynamics with Energy Conservation Particle Method to Simulate Shock Response of High Energetic Materials at Micrometer Length Scales
Weichsel, David Henry Spring 2015 MSE MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Wu, Vincent Ming-Fung Spring 2015 MSE Muhlstein MSMSE MSE Fatigue of Carbon Nanotube Loaded Polyacrylonitrile Fibers
Zackowski, Paul David Spring 2015 MSE Tsukruk MSMSE MSE non-thesis
Zhou, Yusheng Spring 2015 MSE ZL Wang DR MSE Scanning Probe Microscopic Study of Piezotronics and Triboelectrification for their Applications in Mechanical Sensing
Mokarram-Dorri, Nassir Spring 2015 PTFE Bellamkonda DR PTFE Modulating Immune Respose Inside Biomaterial-Based Nerve Conduit to Stimulate Endogenous Peripheral Nerve
Newcomb, Bradley Allen Spring 2015 PTFE Kumar DR PTFE Get Spun Pan and Pan/CNT Based Carbon Fibers: From Viscoelastic Solution to Elastic Fiber
Chen, Qiao Fall 2014 MSE Tummala MS MSE non-thesis
Dai, Wei Fall 2014 MSE n/a BS/MS MS MSE non-thesis
Diaz, Rene Orlando Fall 2014 MSE Thadhani MS MSE non-thesis
Hussain, Mohammad Waseem Fall2014 MSE n/a BS/MS MS MSE non-thesis
Mertins, Karen Mae Sudweeks Fall 2014 MSE Parachuru MS MSE non-thesis
Wan, Congshan Fall 2014 MSE Z. Lin DR MSE Functional Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Simulation
Lim Xiaxi Fall 2014 MSE Liu DR MSE In Situ Characterization of Electrochemical Processes of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Tiwari, Shreevant Fall 2014 MSE McDowell DR MSE Methods of Atomistic Input into the Initial Yield and Plastic Flow Criteria of Nanocrystalline Materials
Chien, An-Ting Fall 2014 MSE Kumar DR PTFE Multi-Functional PAN-based Composite Fibers
Lee, Jung Tae Fall 2014 MSE Yushin DR PTFE Chalcogen-Carbon Nanocomposite Cathodes for Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Luo, Mengdi Fall 2014 MSE Allen - ECE DR PTFE Materials and Microfabrication Approaches for Completely Biodegradable Wireless Micromachined Sensor
Zhang, Xiaodan Fall 2014 MSE Y. Wang/ Yulen Deng DR PTFE Fabrication of Electric Devices for Energy Storage and Harvest using Microfibrillated Cellulose
Gordin, Ari S 2014 Summer MSE Sandhage DR MSE Shape Preserving Physical and Chemical Transformation of Si and SiO2 Nano and Microstructures
Gurumurthy, Ashok 2014 Summer MSE Gokhale DR MSE Simulation Methodologies for Multiphase Three-Dimensional Microstructures
Lin, Stephanie 2014 Summer MSE Shofner DR MSE Biorenewable Polymer Nanocomposites: A Study of the Design Space Available for Cellulose Nano- Crystal/Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Nanocomposites
Liu, Ying 2014 Summer MSE ZL Wang DR MSE Piezo-Phototronics: From Experiments to Theory
Muhlbauer, Rachel 2014 Summer MSE Gerhardt DR MSE Investigation of the Structure Property Processing Relationships in Paper and Carbon Nanotube- Composite Materials
Drachuk, Irina 2014 Summer MSE Tsukruk DR PTFE Cytocompatible Cell Coatings to Control Cell Activity
Suntivich, Rattanon 2014 Summer MSE Tsukruk DR PTFE Inkjet-Assisted Layer-by-Layer Printing of Encapsulated Polymer/Biopolymer Arrays
Wu, Jie 2014 Summer MSE Meredith DR PTFE Extraction of Chitin Nanofibers and Utilization of Sustainable Composites and Foam
Archarya, Ranadip 2014 Spring MSE n/a MS MSE non-thesis
Burgess, Michael Alexander 2014 Spring MSE Mo Li MS MSE non-thesis
Cameron, Craig Granberry 2014 Spring MSE Sandhage DR MSE Natural and Artificial Flourescence on 3-Dimensional Bioorganic Nanostructures
Davis, Richard Leslie 2014 Spring MSE Tsukruk MS MSE non-thesis
Evanoff, Kara 2014 Spring MSE Yushin/Ready DR MSE Highly Structured Nano-Composite Anodes for Secondary Lithium Ion Batteries 
Eze, Ngozi Ada 2014 Spring MSE Milam DR MSE Implementing Locked Nucleic Acids as a Bioinspired Colloidal Assembly and Dissambly Tool
Fisher, Robert Allen 2014 Spring MSE n/a MS MSE non-thesis
Ganio, Natalie Christa 2014 Spring MSE Realff MS MSE non-thesis
Li, Zhuo 2014 Spring MSE CP Wong DR MSE Rational Design of Electrically Conductive Polymer Composites for Electronic Packaging
McDonald, Kenneth James 2014 Spring MSE Kumar MS MSE non-thesis
Pichon, Trey Joseph 2014 Spring MSE n/a MS MSE non-thesis
Pruyn, Timothy Lee 2014 Spring MSE Gerhardt DR MSE Investigation of Percolation in Borosilicate Glass Matrix Composites Containing Conducting Segregated Networks
Thompson, Robert Sutton 2014 SPring MSE n/a MS MSE non-thesis
Wallet, Brett Joseph 2014 Spring MSE Tsukruk MS MSE Structural Investigation of Silk Fibroin Based Membranes
Wang, Sihong 2014 Spring MSE ZL Wang DR MSE Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting and its Hybridization with Li-ION Battery
Whelchel, Ricky Lee 2014 Spring MSE Thadhani/Sanders DR MSE Effects of Microstructure on the Spall Behavior of Aluminum-Magnesium Alloys
Kim, Yun Sang 2014 Spring MSE Joe Perry/Griffin DR PTFE Ferroelectric Nanocomposite and Polar Hybrid Sol-Gel Materials for Efficient, High Energy Density Capacitors
Kraus, Zachary Rothman 2014 Spring MSE Jacob/McDowell DR PTFE Computational Tools for Preliminary Material Design of Metals and Polymer Ceramic-Nano Composites
Aydelotte, Brady Barrus 2013 FALL MSE Thadhani DR MSE Fragmentation and Reaction of Structural Energetic Materials
Boukhalfa, Sofiane 2013 FALL MSE Yushin DR MSE Studies of Ion Electroadsorption in Supercapacitor Electrodes
Kelly, Sean Chistopher 2013 FALL MSE Thadhani DR MSE Shock Compression of Ni-Al Nanolayered Foils using Controlled Laser Accelerated Thin Foil Impact
Patra, Anirban 2013 FALL MSE McDowell DR MSE Modeling the Mechanical Behavior and Deformed Microstructures of Irradiated bcc Materials Using Continuum Crystal Plasticity
Ramachandran, Koushik 2013 FALL MSE Tummala DR MSE Conductive Anodic Filament Reliability of Fine-Pitch Through-Vias in Organic Packaging Substrates
Sanborn, Graham Patrick 2013 FALL MSE Ready DR MSE A Thin Film Triode Type Carbon Nanotube Field Electron Emission Cathode
Choi, Ikjun 2013 FALL PTFE Tsukruk DR PTFE Interfacial Assembly of Star-Shaped Polymers for Organized Ultrathin Films
Combs, Zachary Allen 2013 FALL PTFE Tsukruk DR PTFE Advanced Substrate Design for Label-Free Detection of Trace Organic and Biological Molecules
Honrao, Chinmay 2013 FALL MSE Tummala MSMSE MSE Fine Pitch Cu-SnAg Die to Die and Die to Interposer Interconnections using Advanced SLID Bonding
Li, Yihong 2013 FALL MSE Sandhage MSMSE MSE Bio-enabled Syntheses of Porous, Functional Mineral Oxide Thin Films
Sansoucie, Michael 2013 FALL MSE Ready MSMSE MSE Non-thesis
Worrell, Kevin Winston-Jehrith 2012 Summer PTFE Jacob DR PTFE Chemical and Mechanical Characterization of Fully Biodegradable Double-Network Hydrogels Based on PEG and PAA
Hildreth, Owen James 2012 Summer MSE Wong DR MSE Development of Metal Assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon as a 3D Nanofabrication Platform
Rainwater, Ben Harris 2012 Summer MSE Liu MSMSE MSE Electrical Properties of BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.1Yb0. IO3-delta and its applications in Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Yucelen, Gulfem Ipek 2012 Summer PTFE Wong DR PTFE Formation and Growth Mechanisms of SIngle-Walled Metal Oxide Nanotubes
Anderson, Kyle Duvall 2012 Summer PTFE Tsukruk DR PTFE Functional and Complex Topological Applications of Plasma Polymerized Ultra Thin Films
Xu, Chen 2012 Summer MSE ZL Wang DR MSE Hybrid Cell for Harvesting Mutiple-type Energies
Sathananthan, Saranya 2012 Summer MSE Tom Barker (BME) MSBIOE BIOE MOdulating Fibrin Matrix Properties via Knob Peptide Functionalized Microgels
Lee, Ji Hoon 2012 Summer PTFE Shofner DR PTFE Tensegrity-Inspired Nanocomposite Structures
Park, Jung Hwa 2012 Summer PTFE Jacob/ Tannenbaum DR PTFE The Role of  Surface Chemistry and Wettability of Microstructured Titanium Surfaces in Osteoblast Differentiation
Park, Min Sang 2012 Spring PTFE Srinivasarao DR PTFE Application of Polarized Raman Spectroscopy for Analysis of Phase Transitions and Anisotropic Behavior of Soft Condensed Matter
Li, Yao 2012 Spring PTFE Jacob  DR PTFE Atomistic Modeling of Environmental Aging of Epoxy Resins
Hardin, James Otey 2012 Spring MSE Milam DR MSE Encapsulation and Controlled Release of Active DNA from Uncrosslinked Gelatin Microspheres
Vernon, Jonathan  2012 Spring MSE Sandhage DR MSE Morphology-Preseving Chemical Conversion of Bioorganic and Inorganic Templates
Vanlaningham, Gregg  2012 Spring MSE Speyer DR MSE Oxidation Resistance, Thermal Conductivity and Spectral Emmitance of Fully Dense ZrB2 with Sic  and TaB2 additives
Wehrenberg, Christopher 2012 Spring MSE Thadhani DR MSE Phase Transformations in Shock Compacted Magnetic Materials
Ren, Hongfeng 2012 Spring PTFE Jacob/Cook DR PTFE Synthesis and Characterization of Shape Memory Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) polyurethane-ureas
Korenblit, Yair 2012 Spring PTFE Yushin DR PTFE Zeolite Templated Carbons: Investigations in Extreme Temperature Electrochemical Capacitors and Lead-Acid Batteries
Campbell, Katie  2011 Summer PTFE Bucknall DR PTFE Alignment Strategies for Follerenes and their Dimers using Soft Matters
Tucker, Garritt  2011 Summer MSE McDowell DR MSE Atomistic Simulations of Defect Nucleation and Free Volume in Nanocrystalline Materials
Whelchel, Ricky Lee 2011 Summer MSE Thadhani/ Sanders MSMSE MSE Characterization of a Nickel Base Superalloy Through Electrical Resistivity Microstructure Relationships Facilitated by Amall Angle Scattering
Mansfield, Eric 2011 Summer MSE Joe Perry/ Sandhage MSMSE MSE Fabrication and Characterization of Optically Emissive Microresonators
Agar, Joshua  2011 Summer MSE Wong MSMSE MSE Highly Conductive Stretchable Electrically Conductive Composities for Electronic and Radio Frequency Devices
Gu, Wentian 2011 Summer MSE Yushin MSMSE MSE Increase the Packing Density of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Array for the Application of Thermal Interface Materials
Xiang, Shu 2011 Summer MSE ZL Wang MSMSE MSE Piezoelectric Thin Films and Nanowires: Fabriciation and Characterization
Liang, Qizhen 2011 Summer PTFE Wong DR PTFE Preparation and Properties of Thermally/Electrically Conductive Material Architectures based on Graphene and other Nanomaterials
Beyerlein, Kenneth 2011 Summer MSE Snyder/Mo Li DR MSE Simulation and Modeling of the Powder Diffraction Pattern from Nanoparticles: Studying the Influence of Surface Strain
Lee, Seung Geol 2011 Summer MSE Bucknall/Jang DR PTFE Structure Property Relationship of Hydrogel:Molecular Dynami Simulation Approach
Flicker, Jack David 2011 Summer MSE Carter/Ready DR MSE Three Dimensional Carbon Nanotube Photovoltaics
Quan, Liang 2011 Summer MSE Sanders DR MSE Using FDM and FEM to Simulate the Decarbonization in A151 10 74 during Heat Prcessing and its Impact
Xu, Wenjun 2011 Spring PTFE Allen-ECE DR PTFE Carbon Material Based Microelectromechanical System (MEMS): Fabrication and Devices
Kuduva Raman Thanumoorthy, Ramasubramani 2011 Spring PTFE Yao DR PTFE Constant-Temperature Embossing of Supercooled Polymer Films
Zhang, Wei 2011 Spring PTFE Yao DR PTFE Controllable Growth of Microporous Structures using Co- Continuous Polymer Blend
Peng, Chunqing 2011 Spring PTFE Gerhardt DR PTFE Electrostatic Layer by Layer Assembly of Hybrid Thin Films using Polyelectrolytes and Inorganic Nanoparticles
Jamwal, Ranbir Singh 2011 Spring MSE Gokhale  MSMSE MSE Microstructural Origins of Variablity in the Tensile Ducility of Dual Phase Steels
Yang, Lei 2011 Spring MSE Liu DR MSE New Materials for Intermediate Temperature Solide Oxide Fuel Cells to be Powered by Carbon and Sulfur Containing Fuels
Carter, Jessica  2011 Spring MSE Tsukruk MSBIOE BIOE Non-Ionic Highly Permeable Polymer Shells for the Encapsulation of Living Cells
Lipke, David 2011 Spring MSE Sandhage DR MSE Novel Reaction Processing of Techniques for the Fabrication of Ultra-High Temperature Metal/Ceramic Composites with Tailorable Microstructures
Chang, Se Hoon 2011 Spring MSE Tsukruk DR PTFE Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Nanostructures for Chemical Plasmonic Sensors
Schlea, Michelle Renee 2011 Spring PTFE Shofner DR PTFE Processing and Characterization of  High Performance Polyimide Nanocomposites
Marczewski, Kamil  2011 Spring MSE Tsukruk MSMSE MSE Properties of Confined pNIPAM-co-AAC Microgels
Wiley, Charles Schenck 2011 Spring MSE Speyer DR MSE Synergetic Methods for the Production of High-Strength and Low-Cost Boron Carbide
Chasse, Kevin Robert 2011 Fall MSE Singh DR MSE A Study on the Mechanism of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Duplex Stainless Steels in Hot Alkaline-Sulfide Solutions
Lester, Charles 2011 Fall MSE Gokhale MSMSE MSE Analysis of Fatigue Behavior Fatigue Damage and Fatigue Fracture Surfaces of Two High Strength Steels
Lin, Wei 2011 Fall PTFE Wong DR PTFE Carbon Nanotubes for Thermal Interface Materials in Microelectronic Packaging
Kim, Il Tae 2011 Fall MSE Jacob/ Tannenbaum DR PTFE Carbon-Based Magnetic Nanohybrid Materials for Polymer Composites and Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion
Hertzberg, Benjamin  2011 Fall MSE Yushin DR MSE Design of Resilient Silicon-Carbon Nanocomposite Anodes
Myers, Meredith  2011 Fall MSE Boyan MSMSE MSE Development of a Method for Correlating Intergrin Beta 1 Expression and Surface Characteristics Under Individual Cells
Bertram, Brian  2011 Fall MSE Gerhardt DR MSE Effects of Interfaces and Preferred Orientation on the Electrical Response of Composites of Alumina and Silicon Carbide Whiskers
White, Bradley William 2011 Fall MSE Thadhani DR MSE Microstructure and Strain Rate Effects on the Mechanical Behavior of Particle Reinforced Epoxy-Based Reactive Materials
Lynch, Matthew  2011 Fall MSE Liu DR MSE Modeling, Simultation, and Rational Design of Porous Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes
Rettew, Robert 2011 Fall MSE Alamgir DR MSE Near Surface Study of Structure Property Relationships in Electrochemically Fabricated Multi-Component Catalysts
Kincer, Matthew Ryan 2011 Fall MSE Beckham DR PTFE Polymeric Templating and Alignment of Fullerenes
Yao, Xuxia 2011 Fall PTFE Srinivasarao DR PTFE Studies on Lytropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals in Nematic and Biphasic Regions
Song, Min Kyu 2011 Fall MSE Liu DR MSE Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured, Mixed- Valent Compounds for Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices
Wang, Yushu 2011 Fall MSE Singh MSMSE MSE Thin Film Trench Capacitors for Silicon and Organic Packages
Johnson, Rolfe Bradley 2010 Summer PTFE Shofner MS PTFE Crystallization Effects of Carbon Nanotubes in Polyamide 12
Przybyla, Craig  2010 Summer MSE McDowell DR MSE Microstructure-Sensitive Extreme Value Probabilities of Fatigue in Advanced Engineering Alloys
Ma, Sungwon 2010 Summer PTFE Thio DR PTFE Nanostructures and Properties of  Blends of Homopolymer and Elastomeric Block Copolymer
Weintraub, Benjamin Ari 2010 Summer MSE Wang DR MSE One Dimensional Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials Synthesis and Photovoltaic Applications
Boyea, John  2010 Summer MSE Gerhardt MSMSE MSE Polystyreme Composites Filled with Multi- Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Indium Tin Oxide Nanopowders: Properties, Fabrication, Characterization
Neel, Christopher "Kit" 2010 Summer MSE Thadhani DR MSE Shock Compression of a Heterogeneous, Porous Polymer Composite
Cerully, Laura B 2010 Summer MSE Sanders DR MSE The Fabrication of Thin-Walled Steel Alloys through the Gas Carburization of Reduced Metal Oxide Extrusions
Mao, Yuxiong 2010 Spring MSE Gokhale DR MSE Computer Simulations of Realistic Three-Dimensional Microstructures
Baker, Bryan  2010 Spring MSE Milam DR MSE Employing Double Stranded DNA Probes on Colloidal Substrates for Competitve Hybridization Events
Oka, Mihir Anil 2010 Spring PTFE Thio DR PTFE PLA and Cellulopse Based Degradable Polymer Composites
Kaur, Jasmeet 2010 Spring PTFE Shofner DR PTFE Properties of Biologically Relevant Nanocompisites: Effects of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticle Attributes and Biodegradable Polymer Morphology
Nunnery, Grady "Lex" 2010 Spring MSE Tannenbaum DR MSE The Influence of Surface Curvature on Polymer Behavior at Inorganic Surfaces
Lin, Stephanie  2010 Fall MSE Nadler MSMSE MSE Characterization of Open Celled MEtal Foams
Choudhury, Abhishek 2010 Fall MSE Tummala MSMSE MSE Chip Last Embedded Low Temperature Interconnects with Chip First Dimensions
Gurun, Bilge 2010 Fall PTFE Thio/Bucknall DR PTFE Deformation Studies of  Polymers and Polymer/clay Nanocomposites
Yan, Xuejia 2010 Fall PTFE Carr DR PTFE Drop On Demand Inkjet Drop Formation of Dilute Polymer Solution
Sethi, Kanika 2010 Fall MSE Tummala MSMSE MSE High-Density Capacitor Array Fabrication on Silicon Substrates
Jia, Jun 2010 Fall PTFE Yao DR PTFE Melt Spinning of Cotinuous Filaments by Cold Air Attentuation
Liu, Zhan 2010 Fall PTFE Allen-ECE DR PTFE Micro/Nano Patterning Approaches for Molecular Manipulation
Milhans, Jacqueline  2010 Fall MSE Garmestani DR MSE Microstructure-BasedSolid Oxide Fuel Cell Design using Stastical Continuum Mechanics
Blair, John  2010 Fall MSE Summers DR MSE Optical Properties of the Square Superlattice Photonic Crystal Structure and Optical Invisibility
Xu, Sheng 2010 Fall MSE ZL Wang DR MSE Oxide Nanowire Arrays for Energy Sciences
Safranski, David 2010 Fall MSE Gall DR MSE Poly(B-amino esters) for Cardiovascular Applications
Choi, Young Ho 2010 Fall PTFE Kumar DR PTFE Polyacrylonitrile/Carbon Nanotube Composite Fibers: Effect of Various Processing Parameters on Fiber Structure and Properties
Xu, Bo 2010 Fall PTFE Beckham DR PTFE Proton NMR Relaxation Investigations of Patricle Exfoliation and Distribution in Polymer/Clay Nancomposites
Zhang, Shenjia 2010 Fall MSE Gokhale DR MSE Quantitative Charachterization and Modeling of the Microstructure of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Composite Electrodes
Fredenburg, David Anthony 2010 Fall MSE Thadhani DR MSE Shock Compection and Impact Response of Thermite Powder Mixtures
Liu, Yaodong 2010 Fall PTFE Kumar DR PTFE Stabilization and Carbonization Studies of Polyacrylonitrile /Carbon NanotubesComposite Fibers
Lou, Xiaoyuan 2010 Fall MSE Singh DR MSE Stress Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Simulated Fuel Grade Ethanol
Chang, Yanling 2010 Fall MSE ZL Wang/Snyder MSMSE MSE ZnO Nancones and Nanplatelets: Synthesis and Characterization

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