Harvard Professor Jennifer A. Lewis Speaks to Packed House at 2014 Pritchett Lecture

On Monday, September 29, Dr. Jennifer A. Lewis, the Hansjorg Wyss Professor of Biologically Inspired Engineering at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, delivered MSE’s 7th Annual Brumley D. Pritchett Lecture to a packed house.  It was estimated that more than 175 people were in attendance.  Attendees included students and faculty from across campus, as well as representatives from a number of different industries. 

In her talk, “3D Printing of Functional and Biological Materials,” Dr. Lewis focused on the ability to pattern functional materials in planar and three-dimensional forms as being of critical importance for several emerging applications.  3D Printing enables rapid design and materials fabrication without the need for expensive tooling, dies or lithographic masks.  She described how she and her team have created multiple functional and biological inks and demonstrated their use in 3D printing of electronics, sensors, batteries, and vascularized tissues. 

Brumley D. Pritchett, for whom the annual lecture series is named, received his B.S. from Georgia Tech in Textile Engineering in 1930, graduating with an award for superior achievement in his major.  While at GT, he was instrumental in the founding of the Phi Psi Textile Honors Fraternity and was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa.  After graduation, he worked briefly with Dundee Mills before assuming management duties at Eagle and Phoenix Mills in Columbus, GA.  He joined the Army in 1940 and served in the Pacific during World War II.  Upon leaving the Army with the ranking of Colonel, he returned to Eagle and Phoenix Mills as a superintendent.  Later, he joined Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company as a sales engineer and consultant, retiring in 1972.  He was elected to membership in the CoE's Hall of Fame in 2002.