2014 Holiday Message

Message from the Chair,

As we approach the end of the Fall semester, with our minds and hearts set towards the holidays, we are reminded that another group of students will soon be graduating and leaving us. These students have worked hard during the past years, and earned their B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degrees. They will soon be embarking on the next phase of their careers, and implementing what they have learnt to solve engineering problems, or research and innovate with new materials or processes in the realization of their dreams to help overcome societal challenges. We wish them all the success in their new ventures and look forward to learning about their personal and professional accomplishments in the years to come.

That is indeed the biggest reward of being in an academic environment, seeing the students of today become the masters of tomorrow. There is learning from every new student that comes to our program, every graduate who enters the workforce, and all of the alums who return to tell us the stories of their accomplishments and challenges. The School of Materials Science and Engineering has had a successful year with our faculty, staff, students, and alumni striving to reach new heights in their pursuit of excellence. I am thankful for their hard work and fortunate for being a part of this wonderful MSE family.

My very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season to all.

Naresh Thadhani